Chloe Rox

- Show Bio -

Chloe, is a self-taught artist, mixed media/digital/new world media, print/ acrylic paint/ Ink, embellishments. Contemporary artist.

Chloe is a Humanitarian and very keen animal rights activist.

Each piece of work is unique whether it be a limited-edition print or an original piece of work, each limited-edition print is hand finished using diamond dust inks and acrylics, enabling every piece to be unique in its own right.

Chloe likes her work to evolve organically and typically each piece has a message attached to its creation.

Original pieces can be up to 6 layers of inks, resin, acrylics and print transforming the artwork into a 3’D effect.

A MILLION KISSES PURPLE Loyalty Star struck Living the dream Humanity Ray of Light Only way to wear fur Grafitti love Life is short The purpose of life? Some like it Hot Save the World Tiffany callling Harry's Girl Dragon Queen King of the North Liberty GATHER TOGETHER SHOE FANTASY GATHER AROUND LV LIFE IS GOOD BREATHE PARTY Monaco F1 HARMONY I LOVE YOU BALLERINA A MILLION KISSES VW LOVE ME OR HATE ME  VW No Police  VW Batman  VW Spiderman  VW Why so serious  VW We are all of us stars  VW Butterflys No police THE BEAUTY WITHIN COLLECTION The beauty within Grace Kelly The beauty within Audrey Hepburn MARILYN THE BEAUTY WITHIN AUDREY THE BEAUTY WITHIN MADONNA AUDREY THE BEAUTY WITH IN LIZ THE BEAUTY WITHIN KATE THE BEAUTY WITHIN DIAMOND BUTTERFLY A PIN DROPS KYLIE THE BEAUTY WITHIN KATE THE BEAUTY WITHIN The beauty within Marilyn Monroe The beauty within Kate Moss Mind Games & My heart belongs to you Your heart belongs to me I LOVE YOU MARILYN THE BEAUTY WITHIN BLUE MARILYN THE BEAUTY WITHIN PINK MARILYN THE BEAUTY WITHIN WHITE AUDREY THE BEAUTY WITHIN TOP SECRET FAB HIGH JACK 2 High Jack 2 Graffiti HIGH JACK 3 SPOT THE DOG HIGH JACK Mind Games Mind Games Butterfly