Karline Sterk

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Karline Sterk (Atelier Sterk) Is An Urban Artist From The Netherlands. Her Art Is A Mixture Of Acrylic Paint, print And Graffiti Spray Paint, but She Discovers New Materials With Every New Painting.

Her obsession for street art started in 2008, after her her study at the Fashion Acadamy in Rotterdam. It was the perfect place to get inspired by the streets, and so she did.

Karline finished her studies in 2008, and by that time it was clear that the urban style is her way of expressing herself. After graduating, she started to work as a junior fashion designer, and now she works as a senior fashion and graphic designer for a well known Dutch brand, where she has the chance to include her own style in the design of the garments.

In 2010 she started to make paintings and mixed media art, all inspired by the streets and different elements of expressions on human faces. Karline started ripping street posters from the walls, and after experimenting with various materials she finished her first piece that was a mixture of posters, graffiti and paint.

She has grown a lot in her work. She developed her own style, which is very recognizable as Karline Sterk! This year she exhibited at Urban in Ibiza and the Amsterdam International Art Fair, with ASA (Amsterdam Street Art) and just opened her own exhibition in the town she grew up in.

Karline’s passion and joy is big. She puts all her spare time and energy in creating art. She says it is growing into an addiction.

Let’s feel her love and energy through her paintings!

Rebels Wingman The Kiss Temptation Transfomation Oceans Daughter