Sage - Barnes

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Sage is an urban artist originally from Saint Joseph, Missouri. While his passion for art has always been prevalent through childhood, his first love was found in drawing and illustration. His grandmother, Susan Walter (oil painter) had urged him to pick up a paint brush and was the one to give him his very first set of supplies. Sage quickly picked up the techniques of painting and only two months later, he had his first his first showing in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. After receiving a very positive reception, it was then he knew he wanted to become a voice of inspiration in the art industry. Since his first show, Sage has had the opportunity to travel the world for art, commissioned work for professional athletes and musicians, and has work hanging in many countries. Sage has quickly grown to become one of the leading emerging urban artists due to his content and unique style and technique. His work has been called "extraordinarily refreshing" and "admirable and intelligent" by gallery owners across the US. With a recgonizable contrast between a visually stimulating background paired with highly detailed subject matter, Sage has created a unique way to emotinally connect with everyone who views his art. He has been known to produce pieces that have themes of inspiration and motivation and artful depictions of everyday situations or struggles felt throughout the world. "Obviously the goal is to have people of all ages appreciate my work, but I enjoy targeting younger generations with my message because in my opinion some never really give it art a chance. They associate most art with only what they've seen in their text books. I want them to connect with art like they connect with other creative forms like music." said Sage in a recent interview. "I don't mind presenting my messages and intentions for my work in an obvious way, because no matter how obvious I make it, you will personally connect with the message in a way no one else can, and that's whats important to me.." While only being 21 years of age, Sage is rapidly earning his growing reputation in the world of art and plans to create a vision that everyone can connect with through his love of art.

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