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SR47 "I paint therefore I am"

At School the Only Class I really enjoyed Was Art, this is where my Obsession And Fascination With The Media, Advertising, Logos And Pop Art began.

Moving on to study Fine Art and sculpture at University I had the freedom to experiment in a wide range of media but consistently returned to using readily available household paint. Partly out of necessity and cost but also for its high coverage and the bold rawness it achieved.

Influenced by the expressionism in Jackson Pollack but also a desire to create a reproduced aesthetic like Warhol I started to combine the styles.

In later years a passion for graffiti and the emergence of street artists heavily influenced my working process and I picked up the can. Learning how to cut stencils followed as a natural progression from the Pop Art style that remains a huge influence.

At a similar time I acquired the nickname “SkipRat” (Often found Searching for Wood and any other “Useful” materials in Skips remains a common pastime) The 47 was a later addition and the rest is history.

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